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Prestigious Pools is a Genesis Society of Watershape Designer Associate

We at Prestigious Pools and Outdoor Living are recognized as a Genesis Society of Watershape Designer Associate. When it comes to custom pools, choosing a Certified Pool Professional means that you are getting the very best in design and construction. What does it take to become a Genesis Society of Watershape Designer Associate?

Statement of Qualification

Chosing at qualified pool and spa professional to handle the design and installation of yoru aquatic environment is of prime importance, regardless of het size and complexity of your project. A properly designed and installed swimming pool and/or spa can provide you family with years of enjoyment, healthful exercise and togetherness. When the work doesn't rise to a quality standard, however, a variety of potential problems are likely to follow.

The reason selecting a qualified professional is so important stems from the fact that the design and contruction of pools and spas encompass a variety of specific skillsets and areas of expertise. True professional designers and builders are well-versed in hydraulics, electricity, geology, structural engineering, water chemisty, masonry and material science, as well as purely aesthetic concerns including elements of architectural style, color theory, materials selections and visual presentation among others.

Breaking the Mold

Unfortunately, the pool and spa indsutry has earned a questionable reputation for poor quality and shoddy workmanship, due in large measure to a widespread lack of formal education amongst its members. This leaves homeowners in a difficult position as they seek qualified professionals.

Since 1998, Genesis has sought to address that shortfall and elevate the status quo by offering a comprehensive set of educational programs tailored to the specific needs of the pool and spa professional. The goal of Genesis is to nurture a class of designers and builders that are trained in the muliple technical and creative disciplines required to create top-shelf installations that not only look fantastic but also function efficiently, reliably safely.

Dedication to Knowledge

The result is a program that is far and away the most comprehesive and detailed available anywhere in the industry. That's why when seeking a truly qualified professional for your project, be sure to turn to Prestigious Pools and Outdoor Living, who is part of the Genesis family of pool and spa professionals.

Businesses Prestigious Pools is associated with
Businesses Prestigious Pools is associated with
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